Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good News All Around

I didn't work yesterday or today, but I'm actually in a pretty good mood. Yesterday, health-wise, was not a good day; it was the worst day of the last week. But, today is just about as good as Thursday, maybe even better. If Monday's like today, I'm going to say well that's as good as it gets and go. It might not be pretty, but it should be doable, and it's important that I try.

But if it gets worse, which I doubt it will, that's ok too. I sent Holly, the volunteer coordinator at the office, an e-mail asking if she or anyone else at the office could use my assistance there. Since I've missed so much gutting time already and am headed to Texas for a few days soon, there's no way I'll have the experience necessary to lead gutting teams by next month. And they really won't need me to anyway - we have plenty of other interns who can do that. I might actually be of more use in the office than in the field; furthermore, just as all the short-term volunteers in October create more work for us (a good thing), they create more paperwork at the office. And office work is where my experience lies. I'm told that Holly's been a little stressed lately and might very well need the help, so this could potentially be a win-win situation for everyone. There's also a Diocesan RV that goes out delivering supplies, and they're often short of volunteers. Maybe I could be of help there.

I did manage to do something productive today - I spent about an hour washing out old coolers. Sam gave me a bunch of papers and brochures to look through for him and Katie in the next couple of days, too. Tomorrow I'll try to go to church, and Monday will hopefully be spent gutting or maybe working with Holly.

Other good news that helps my outlook: my mommy sent me my slippers, Josi and Oliver sent a lovely thank-you note, Mrs. Bierne sent me a wonderful care package, I finally got my own package home mailed, I bought my tickets to Houston for next week (I'm missing the Dartmouth homecoming, so I'll just have one of my own!), some friends from St. Luke's bought their own tickets here for November, and best of all, MY DADDY'S FINALLY HOME!!! W00TW00T!!!

That last line there, the one about Dad, is what really makes this a good day.


Jordan said...

Makes me feel guilty for not sending you anything. :)

That's good news all around.

u2andcomicbooks said...

Hooray for slippers! And Daddies! :-D
It's so wonderful to hear all this great news from your corner, Nathan!